March 15, 2011

I'm over the moon right now!

So last week I received a call from Heidi at 11:54am on Friday. I missed it too... Her first call too! LOL. But I was at work. So I went to lunch at noon and checked my phone to see if I got a call. I told Jen that I was expecting a call but not really... So I got Heidi's voice mail saying I didn't answer the phone... and that I must be at work. So I called right away. And she picked up laughing and I started giggling and said "Heidi". LOL... I just couldn't believe it. Seriously. I love how she said she was excited when I submitted my application because she loves my work. Let me re-phrase that, she said "you just... you've got it!!!" It's nice to know that people really love my work because I don't give myself enough credit. People tell me I'm a talented person but I don't believe them but that's what keeps me humble and I like that about me.

I vaguely remember saying I was shocked to be selected because Diane was on the team. Diane rocks and our styles are similar but the difference is, she scraps 12X12 I don't. Well occassionally I do. Heidi is so awesome. I remember admiring her work when she was a designer for Bad Girls! I always thought she looked sweet and hearing her voice proved that she is really sweet. So I'm so thrilled to be on this FANTASTIC TEAM!!!

1 comment:

Mireille said...

so totally excited for you!
*huge hugs*

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