March 15, 2011

Uh oh, were in trouble now.

Yesterday Jodye told me the hubby called while I was with a member. I said, that can't be good. Something's wrong because he knows not to call me at work...

Hubby said that he was going to the bathroom and heard Edward. And then he was surprised because Edward seemed to get louder as in closer... lol. Opened the door and there was the little man smiling up at him.

We are in trouble for sure. Not sure what we will do with him now when I have to walk the dogs :) He will need to go in his crib since he hasn't figured out how to climb out of that yet.

So Edward has learned how to climb out of his little bouncer that's loaded with musical toys. Pete was curious as to how he was getting out so he hid around the corner of the room and watched Edward pull himself over it and out he went. LOL

Yep, now comes the fun! Ready-set-go!

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beckyjune said...

Yep, you're in trouble for sure. And, before you know it he'll figure out how to get out of the crib, too.