June 16, 2011

My sweet neighbor...

This morning while I was walking the fur-babies, Ray (my neighbor)stopped the car to say good morning and told me that Daisy no longer has a playmate. I asked why and he told me that poor Mr. T was getting old and they had to have him put to sleep. I started to cry and so did he. What do you say... so I shook my head and he left for work. On the way to work, I was really sad so I said a little prayer to God to look out for Ray and Winnie because it has been a really tough year... Winnie has been sick and I will leave it at that. I don't want to tell everyone her business but it was important for me to tell you a little bit... because it's almost like she knew that I prayed for her... Don't you think it's ironic that this morning I said a prayer for her and when I got home, My mother-in-law tells me that Winnie picked me some flowers from her garden? Basically Winnie said, "I'm not going to sit around the house and cry, I'm going to go pick some flowers and take them to Nicole and her beautiful family."

She is such a sweet lady. I miss our long conversations. We used to have lots of fun conversations outside on the deck but nowadays, I'm not sure what is the right time to go say hello. Here are the flowers that she hand-picked for me.

I will never forget today.

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