April 10, 2012

Masking made easy!

Hello scrappers! I know there are a few of you who are afraid to use mist on your layouts but let me share with you how fun and easy it can be! This month, Rachel has some fun things in the SFTIO Kit! There's mist by Smooch Spritz and a 6X6 template by Crafter's Workshop and lots of other fun stuff! But my main focus today is to show you how fun and easy these two things can be together!

 he first thing I did was place the template on my cardstock. Then I cover the areas outside of the templates with scraps so that when I spray the mist, it doesn't go all over the layout.

Once the areas were covered, I sprayed the mists onto the template. Be sure to spray several coats so the color is rich.

After I sprayed the pattern on my cardstock, I carefully removed all of the scraps and then I gently picked up the template and flipped the side with the mist in a different area on my layout. I used my paper piercer to rub the template to make sure I got all the mist off the template and onto the cardstock. I then gently removed the template and let it sit a few minutes. Then I layed a book on top of the cardstock to keep the cardstock from bulking up from all the mist.

And here is my final layout! I love this... even with all the purple :) (which is a color I rarely use).

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