April 15, 2012

Sew Simple

Hello scrappers! This month, I decided to experiment a bit; I wanted to try a new technique. And while you might wonder how I manage to incorporate another hobby into my scrapping projects, let me assure you that it really is "sew simple". Hehe. Do you like that? I came up with it all by myself.

Anyways, I decided to try stitching on one of my layouts for April's SFTIO Kit Club. I thought, "hey, I have 5 layouts to create, might as well try something new and fun!" So, I said it was simple... but not at first... After the third layout and re-bobbing my thread, I felt like I could do it! Would you like to know a few of my thoughts during the learning stage of this process? Let me humor you. It went something like this:

"OK, sewing machine's plugged in and turned on. Good. OK, let me grab that layout and try stitching some of those pretty butterflies on my layout... Oh, no, it's moving too fast. What's going on? Uh, somethings not right. That doesn't look right. Oh duh! You forgot to put the foot down you big dummy. OK, let's try this again. Oh this is really scary. I have a nice layout that's 75% complete and it's gonna be 100% damaged in just a matter of minutes."

"oh wait, I've got an idea! Where are those stickers? Let's cover those mistakes up and try again. Sound good? Yep."

Yes, I did talk to myself during the entire process because without my momom here to guide me... I was on my own to see if I could remember everything she told me! But I lost the bob and got that thing back on which was good considering I had 3 of the 4 sides needed stitched and I couldn't leave one alone! So, while this must sound like a lot of work and stress, after three layouts, I got used to the foot pressure of the machine and learned not to feed the paper through but let the needle do the work on it's own!

And now I present to you, my very first layout I ever stitched on!

And here are a few close ups:

And here are two other layouts with stitching:

When sewing for the first time do the following:
1. Take your time; don't rush!
2. Make sure you use a size 16 needle especially if you are trying to sew through several layers of paper so the needle does not break.
3. Don't forget to pull the foot down before sewing!
4. Adjust the space of your stitching to 3 to help prevent your paper from tearing.
5. Let the needle do the work, don't force your paper through... the needle will pull your paper through on it's own.
6. If you are sewing around the layout, simply lift the foot once you reach the end of your layout, turn the page, drop your foot, and continue sewing around the layout. You do NOT need to move your needle.

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