July 28, 2012

The Great Controversy

So today after work, I immediately checked the mailbox on my way into the house and as I was going through the mail, it felt like a book was between the ads... and I thought it was wierd. So I continued looking to see what it was because I didn't order a new book and if I did, it would have come in a box... Here is the book that was in my mailbox. It's brand new and there were absolutely no smudge marks... and no writing inside either. I figured maybe someone wanted me to read it like a neighbor or someone but nope... no note.

I find this so weird considering the fact that on the way home from work, I said a prayer to God to help me make the right decision right now... which has something to do with work... and then I find this kind of book in my mailbox just minutes after I said a prayer... I've never heard of this book, but I'll be reading it because I'm very curious... Obviously, someone is trying to tell me something and this is the easiest way to get through to me because I love to read...

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