April 13, 2013

Fun with washi tape

Hello scrappers! Today I would like to share with you a variety of ways in which you can use the washi border stickers that came in the April “Fortune” kit by Scrapbooking from the inside out. I have to be honest here, I love washi tape! It’s so versatile and easy to use. Whenever I feel like I am missing something on my layout, I will pull out my washi tape and use it to enhance the look of my layout.

When I first started using washi tape, I’d use it as a border strips for my photos. I really couldn’t think outside the box on different ways to use it until I played around a bit. Once I started playing around with washi tape, ideas started running wild in my head! One day, I was running low on adhesives and though, “why not tape down the edges of my photos using washi tape! And so it began, the ideas started flowing.

Here are some ways to use washi tape:

1. Use the washi tape as a form of adhesives. Tape down the ends of your photos using washi tape, rather than using adhesives.
2. Cover the corners of your photos using washi tape for a fun photo corner, tucking the ends behind the photo.
3. Fold the washi tape in half and punch out shapes. Decorate the center of the punched washi tape with buttons, chipboard or jewels.
4. Use washi tape over layered paper strips to create a fun border.
5. You can also sew across the washi tape to make them stand out more. I really like the look of this.
6. Create a fun border strip around the edge of your layout.
7. Adhere a few strips of washi tape side by side and then use punches to create your very own die cuts.

Here are some close ups of these techniques used on my actual layouts. Can you see how much fun they can be? Come visit the gallery over at SFTIO to see the layouts in more detail!

I hope that I was able to inspire you today. And thanks for stopping by! Please come again for more ideas and fun.

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Stampin Mindy said...

Adorable. Love the layers.

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