May 9, 2013

Fun time at the circus!

Yesterday, Pete and I celebrated our 9th anniversary with our little man! We had such a good day. The three of us had dinner and dessert at Chevys in Annapolis and then we went to the circus! Edward was so excited when Parker showed up too. His best friend in the whole world. ;)

My friend Kelly and Ryan brought Parker along. So fun!

LOL, this picture makes me laugh. Edward with his serious face.

There were 4 black and white tigers and they were beautiful! Edward liked them too.

And this was the cutest baby elephant I ever saw.

That first lady was hanging from her hair! Can you even imagine?

This was so scary to watch. That man almost fell to his death... there were no nets and he totally lost his balance. I think I almost had a heart attack and so did his buddy up there.

When we asked Edward what he liked the most about the Circus, he said he liked riding on the elephant. So cute.

The boys only made it half way through the circus. It was 9:00 when the circus was half way done and they were tired... so we promised Edward we'd buy him lightening sword before we left and that's what we did... he waited so patiently for it too.

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