June 26, 2013

Short boat trip.

After almost 4 years, I finally went out on our boat! The last time I went out on our boat was the Fourth of July 2009 with my friend Mischelle, Pete and George. I had just found out that I was preggers :) Although, It was my idea to go out today, it was a bad day to do so. It was 98 degrees out and we were sweating! So we made a small trip and headed back home. It was still fun to get out for a little bit. I do miss going out on the boat! Here are some of my favorite pictures from today.

I love looking at the big houses on the water. They are amazing...

How would you like to live on a little island? We watched someone get in their boat to drive over to the marina to get their cars... Here's the front of the island.

And this is coming around the island.

Here's our boat with the burgundy slip cover.

1 comment:

Chris and Paige Evans said...

That looks like tons of fun!!

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