July 17, 2013

Beach fun

Being the nice mom that I am, I allowed Edward's friend Parker to spend the day with us on my day off. They had such a great time together. Pete took them to the park for an hour this morning and I took a small nap. When we got up from our naps, we went to the beach for a few hours. Pete and I were sitting there enjoying the silence and then he said, "this is the quietest they've been all day." I couldn't stop laughing because it was so true.

On the way home, I hear Edward talking in the back seat to Parker.

Edward: Parker, I'm glad you came today. It was fun.

Parker: Me too. I had fun.

Edward: Hey Parker, high five.

And I hear their palms slap against each other. So precious! I enjoyed having them, but was reminded why I only have one and have no interest in having another baby :) Edward has friends to keep him company... I don't mind keeping other kids for the day because I can give them back :)

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