December 7, 2013

My last paper issue...

It's sad seeing all of these scrapbooking magazine companies go from paper to digital. It just isn't the same as a paper magazine. Maybe, I'll feel differently if some of these magazines are offered through the kindle. I often wonder if most designers gave up on submitting to these scrapbook magazines since they no longer get compensated through their design team... I on the other hand, will continue submitting to Scrapbook Trends, not for the product credit or digital issues, but because I do not want them to eventually stop offering a magazine!

Sure, there are tons of layouts in the galleries, but I like flipping through the magazines to see the very best projects, rather than going through the galleries... Call me a snob, whatever... it's true.

Having said this, this brings me to my main point. This is my last PAPER issue that I will be in. Months ago, I almost recycled my magazines so that I would have more space in my scrap room. I am so glad that I didn't!!! I can't wait to receive the "Scrapbooking Handbook" magazine by Creating Keepsakes. They just went digital too. Judging from the cover, this is going to be a fabulous book! I have two layouts in it too. YAY! You can purchase a copy at

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Cindy Gay said...

Congrats on the publication. I saw the magazine at BAM and will purchase it soon. I love paper magazines. . . seem to be purchasing food magazines these days to fill the void.