February 22, 2014

Fantastic day!

Seriously, Edward had the best birthday party ever and I didn't have to do much... lol. All year he has asked to have his party at Chuck-E-Cheeses so that's what we did. Isn't his cake awesome? My friend Kelly made it. Unbelievable!

And the  birthday boy... I think was a bit overwhelmed.... He is not used to this much attention, but he did so good.

I love this picture. Kelly had to work so originally, Parker wasn't going to make it to the party, but I couldn't not have Edward's best friend at the party so Kelly dropped Parker off at my house at 8am and I took him with us! I am an awesome mommy like that. Anything for my son.

The table. Yes, they got awesome goodie bags and a cup... cause I rock.

Coin, coins, coins and more coins.

Man, Edward made out! We ran out of time and couldn't open the gifts there and after two hours, the parents took their children and ran... you know how that place is. I can only handle so much myself. Edward got lots of Ninja Turtle stuff and legos!!! Best birthday party ever. I enjoyed finally meeting the parents of his little friends from class. Very nice people.

Love this shot of him admiring Mikey.

OMG, And he had a blast in the ticket booth. LOL. Aunt Jamie gave him pointers on how to get the most tickets. He walked in holding his sweater out and did not move. He even got the 1,000 ticket! Woot, woot. He seriously rocks.

Make a wish dear boy.

And here he is with all of his tickets.

And before Parker left, I had Edward open his gift since he was the only one left. Priceless photo. Edward has been wanting a Mikey mask like forever... And he got an awesome Lego book and some legos from his best friend Parker.

Some shots of the little kiddies.

On the way home, I asked Edward if he enjoyed his birthday party and his response was, "yep, I did." And when we got home he said, "mommy, I love you." And that my friends, is why I don't mind spending a few hundred dollars on his birthday party because it was totally worth it to see my son happy.

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