February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day friends and family. I love you! :) This year I decided to create a meaningful card for my husband... It's been a little rocky lately and so one day, I went looking through all of our photos of us together... and dang, we did have a lot of great times together and then that thing called "stress" and "unemployment" hit us... and well, you can only imagine how hard this can be on a marriage.

Anyways, I decided to put most of our pictures over the past 14 years on a card for him... I hope he likes it because this took me a long time to make it... But I do love how it turned out.

What do you think?

Just in case you are wondering how I did this. The first thing I did was draw a heart on patterned paper. You can use cardstock if you wish. Then I cut the heart out using a pair of scissors.
Print lots of photos. This are about 1 1/2"x1 1/2". Some are smaller because I decided to crop them down a little bit.

Once I finished putting the photos on the heart, I scanned the heart and printed it on 5"x7" photo paper to strink it down a bit. Also, if you see little bits of patterned paper peaking through, simply cut little triangles out from each side to hide it.
Then adhere them to the heart, trimming the excess from the edges by flipping the heart over... Be very careful when doing this so you don't chop off a head or two :).

And there you have it... If you haven't already given your loved one a card yet, you still have a little bit of time before he or she gets home from work to make one of your own!
Products used: Patterned paper: Elle's Studio, Ribbon: May Art, Pen: American Crafts, Adhesives: Tombow.

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