February 13, 2014

It snowed!

The last thing Edward asked me last night before he fell asleep was "can we make a snowman tomorrow, mommy?" And I said yes... So I kept my word this morning when Edward started getting dressed and handed me my shoes... lol He was so HAPPY. I love it when he's happy because it makes me happy.

So we had some chocolate eyeballs from Halloween that Edward thought would make a great set of eyes for Mr. Snowman. We used a strawberry for his nose and some Whoppers for his mouth. I do have a cool, creative kid on my hands.

So... it's not a great looking snowman. I know this, but this made my son happy and that's what matters.

Even Daisy got to play a bit. She was chasing Edward all around the yard. Fun times.

Love this face... he's so handsome and I'm one lucky momma.

By the time we finished with Mr. Snowman, Edward decided to eat his face off... he ate the candy. LOL

I turned around and this is what I found. My little guy sat by the truck, quietly eating snow. :) Made me smile.

So did you get any snow? I'm so glad we got snow this year because Edward loves it.

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