May 21, 2014

Baltimore Zoo

Today we went on a field trip to the Baltimore Zoo with Edward's school. Momom came along too which was awesome! We had such a great time and really lucked out since they were calling for scattered storms and rain. It rain a little bit while we were eating outside which worked out because it cooled us down a little. Apparently, these three are best buds at school :) They are too cute for words!

And this is why I can't say no to him either... those beautiful eyes!

They all held momom's hand on their way to see the animals.

This guy came right up to us. Such a friendly thing. I just wanted to reach out and pet him.

The chimps were very cool. One actually ran and jumped on the glass and scared the crap out of me. I didn't see him, but I heard it and thought, "where's Edward?"

This is my favorite photo from today. I think.

This girl was over in the corner dancing. So cute.

He is so funny... what can I say, he's like his daddy.

Again, they rock :)

They had a blast on the big tree slide!

And Kelly's gonna have problems with this one in the near future... he likes girls :)

I think my heart just stopped.

Best buds forever.

I love how Edward is smiling at Jayda. She's a cutie.

This Is what childhood looks like. Completely.

They had cubs... well, not really babies, they are growing, but they were so cute. I wanted to take one home.

And that my friends is how we rolled today.

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Tamika said...

Awesome photos!

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