June 26, 2014

Two Peas

Yesterday was a very sad day for most scrappers who have been apart of the Two Peas community. Two Peas has been in business for 15 years. They invited scrappers from all over the world to build a community so that scrappers like myself could always go there for support from other women with similar experiences, concerns and interest.

I must admit that when I first started scrapping, I stayed away from Two Peas because there were some mean girls on that site! They didn't care about holding back their opinions... and personally, I didn't like it. Until about 7 years ago. I was careful where I went on their website. I uploaded layouts and I would only go into the forums specifically for "scrapbooking". I did not go into the forums that discussed politics or the ones where women bashed people.

Along the way, I discovered a few designers who inspired me! My favorite "garden girls" were Celine Navarro, Paige Evans, Jennifer Gallagher, Jill Sprott, Melanie Blackburn, and Wilna Furstenberg. I was sure to add their blogs to my list today so I do not lose them! I'm sad to say, I never got the chance to take one of Wilna's art classes. It's been on my "to do" list for awhile now, but maybe she will open her own classes someday so I can finally sign up for a few. I think I'm ready to try something different.

Honestly, it's probably people's fault such as my own that the store is closing. I rarely shopped there. I only uploaded my layouts and looked for layouts from my favorite designers. But, when I did have the funds to shop, Two Peas were out of the stuff that I wanted so my main shop was www.scrapbook.com.

Anyway, I just wanted to let others know that I am sorry for their loss. Two Peas was a HUGE community and I know how some women might be feeling right now. I would suggest you pin all of your favorite layouts, save those badges, save those blog links and join the "Two Peas Refugee" group on Facebook!

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mommyx2 said...

Well said!! I agree, so sorry for their loss.

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