August 12, 2014

Fun time at the beach

Last week, Edward and I went to the beach with my family. Marc was nice enough to let us stay at his beach house near Ocean City, Maryland. When we got there, we had lunch and then Marc took us out fishing on his boat. I haven't fished in years and so... it was awesome. I even caught a few with my little man.

After we fished, we took Edward up to the boardwalk to ride the rides. He had a BLAST. I had so much fun watching him have fun. Seriously.

Marc bought Edward all of these tickets... let the fun begin. YAY.

When I saw this booth, I though oh no... $$$ and the worse part, you needed four people to play... so everyone decided to pay up. I think it cost $13 bux for everyone all together... The chances of winning was great, considering they were family. HAHA. In the end, we got Edward his Ninja turtle! Ha.

Edward was about 20  feet in the air and loved it. lol.

This cool ship was in the ocean!

I love watching kites fly through the sky.

Me and my awesome son.

This boy loves the beach.

Momom and Edward!

The girls were reading Harry Potter again :)

I so want to go back!

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