September 21, 2014

Maryland Renaissance Festival

To celebrate my birthday, we went to the Renaissance Festival. We haven't been there in three years so I was pretty excited. While waiting in line, Edward wanted to climb the castle... He wanted to get his hands on those flags.

The lines were insane, but Edward was so good while we waited to get in. Next time, we will order our tickets online!

Edward spotted the bubbles... Enough said.

Then the boys played the archery game.

Our first stop for me was the wine shop. I got a cool mug and some Honey Meade that was so strong, I got a buzz off of $10. So great! LOL

Edward though he wanted some devil ears, but he had a choice between devil ears or a sword.

This woman was hilarious. LOL. She said the men looked like they left their balls at the pub and I almost spit out my wine. We watched her for awhile. Needless to say, she got dunked for that comment.

Edward loved the poney ride. Can't you tell?

So I thought Edward would pick the sword instead of the devil horns, but he decided on the mace instead. Daddy said it was better because it was softer... haha.

Edward asked all day to get his face painted. We spotted a face painting stand at the beginning of the festival, but it was all girlie paintings with glitter and bling... and then we spotted this stand...

He was one scary looking dude!

They had lots of food everywhere... Edward wanted a pretzel and lemon ice, daddy got some beef and mommy got a baked potatoe with cheese and broccoli.

Edward wanted some slippers. We said no.

I love blown glass... aren't these beautiful? I didn't bother looking since I didn't have any money to spend on these beauties...

Overall, it was a fantastic day and Edward had a blast with his mommy and daddy.


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