October 15, 2014

Papa John's Farm

Today Aunt Jamie and I went with Edward and his school on a field trip. We had so much fun at Papa John's. Edward said, "It was the best day ever"! So cute. I was worried that the fieldtrip would be canceled due to the rain, but the rain held off and we got to go! Yay.

The men were out there working this morning, picking potatoes.

I love the fall! The pumpkins looked so pretty in the field.

And this was neat. Cotton! I forget that cotton is actually grown...

Be still my heart.

Of course Edward freaked when he saw the Ninja turtle pumpkins. They were very cool!

Me and my little man. LOVE THIS!

They had baby goats and cows. They were so cute.

oh, and they had frozen pumpkins!

The mums were beautiful. I wanted to get some, but I don't know where I'd put them in my yard.

What a great morning we had at the farm!

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