October 13, 2014

So much for a relaxing day...

Edward has been driving me crazy today. I'm looking forward to going to work tomorrow! Sigh. He hasn't been bad, just bored, driving me nuts. He asked if he could take his go cart out, but it's wet and I didn't want to... and then he wouldn't stop asking and so I caved! Ah, he won again.

I took some pictures of the changing leaves today. Love how smokey this one looks.

Man, he took off in this thing. LOL.

I took Daisy for a small walk.

And then Edward begged me to take him down to the beach for a bit. He just wanted to see the water. The moment I pulled up to the beach, I thought Edward had the best idea of the day. The water looked so calm and peaceful. I immediately felt less stressed. How could I not? Isn't it lovely?

I love watching Edward run around the beach. Oh to be a kid again...

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