January 17, 2015

# Love.

Today, Edward and Parker have been playing so nicely together with minimum complaints and arguments. They have been watching cartoons, playing with Nerf guns, Legos and amazingly, I was able to scrapbook a layout while the two of them played on their Kindals for an hour. Ah, the older these two get, the easier it is having them together. It's great! Well, it's still early, so that may change tonight when I try to get these two to sleep. Haha.

Anyway, I scrapped this quick and easy layout of the boys! Yes, I took this photo today and scrapped it. Go me! I love it. I used papers and stickers from Chickaniddy Craft's Scrumptious collection. Love how simple this is, but striking at the same time.


pinkalishious said...

Fab pages xx miss seeing your layouts & i should visit more often!!

Kim A. said...

Awesome page!! Way to go on getting a photo from today scrapped!!

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