February 8, 2015

Disney on Ice

Hi everyone. I'm back with the Disney on Ice picures! Momom paid for Jamie, Edward and I to Disney on Ice for Edward's birthday! He was so excited and I am surprised that he managed to sit still the entire time!

We got him the Lightening McQueen light up toy, a snow cone in a fun cup that lit up and cotton candy... and man was it EXPENSIVE, but worth it... We don't do things like this often so it was not a problem. I already expected to spend about $60 bux on food and toys for the little man.

Aunt Jamie being silly... hehe.

Mickey and Mini!

My favorite, Goofy...

They started out with the cars and wow was Edward excited!!! Words cannot explain how happy my little boy was, as he said, "Mater!"


Under the sea...

Tinker Bell

And my absolute favorite was the second half of the show when they did the Toy Story performance. Such a great show and I loved the costumes and props! Well worth it...

I had this barbie when I was a little girl and it was my favorite!!

Haha, look at the clothes rack. Perfection.

Loved the ending with Andy saying good-bye to his toys before he leaves for college...

They had giant claws come down from the ceiling, but I couldn't get a picture in time... But it was cool to see.

The end.

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Kim A. said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time!!! I can't wait to see your layouts!

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