February 21, 2015

Meet Hamlet

Hi everyone. I've been waiting to do a post on our newest addition to our family. And no it's not a dog or a kitty or a lizzard... Honestly, I told my husband not to get him initially because, well, minis pigs don't stay mini no matter what people say. I know this because i've talked with a few people who has had experience with piggies.

Well, my husband decided to ignore me and he went and got a mini pig. Let's just say, just because people say they are mini pigs... do your research like I did... They can get up to 100 pounds! Anyway, we have the little guy and I am not going to give him away... He is Edward's 5th birthday present.

When I first saw Hamlet, I was scared. He's so tiny and he's only 6 weeks old. And when Pete went to pick him up, the breader said he wouldn't eat hard food yet. He still needs to be bottle fed. Oh jeez... is right. It's not as bad as I thought. He arrived Thursday, February 19. Amazingly, he did really well on his first night. I thought for sure he'd cry all night, but I put him in bed with me and he slept snuggled against me all night. I've been snuggling him a lot since he's so little and I am sure he misses his mommy.

He had a few accidents on his first night because he was so confused with the set up but I've been putting him on a pad by the door every hour and I think he's getting it... I went upstairs this morning to grab something and when I came back down after trying to get him to go potty on the pad, he went. SCORE! I was so excited.

Also, I got him to eat normal food last night that the breeder said he would not eat... wouldn't have any part of it. I guess 30 ml of special formula is not enough and he's picking up on that. He ate some more food this morning so I'm very pleased. He is a HAPPY guy. Always, wagging his little tail.

I am aware that he's gonna be a lot of work in the beginning, but I feel confident that he will be fine. Pigs are the third smartest animals. Did you know that? They are smarter than dogs. Here are a few photos of our little guy.


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Mariah Hechler said...

They are so cute! I wish all the best with him. I hope he becomes a great pet.

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