March 15, 2015

Gymnastics 1st birthday party

Edward had such a blast at Cooper's birthday party today!! The party was a ten so i stopped at Bean Cafe to grab a white chocolate mocha and off we went. We spent about 15 minutes driving up and down Defense Highway trying to find a place, but after I called Cooper's daddy, we found it with no problem! Edward was worried we wouldn't make it in time.

There were a lot of kids there! I was surprised at the turn out for a ten o'clock party... And the kids would running around like they were the one who had coffee... lol. I was not ready for the chaos yet. I just hug back and watched Edward enjoy himself. He has so many little friends that he has made at school. He made me smile watching him socialize. He's awesome. Really.

Here are some of my favorite photos from today... many of them turned out blurry because Edward was on the run the entire time!

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