March 26, 2015

One more day!

Yay, only one more day and I will be scrapping with my mom and good friends all weekend long at the Cozy Crop House! I can't wait! This will be my fourth time going. It's been a really rough week with Edward recovering from having his tonsils and adnoids taken out. He also had to have tubes placed in his ears. Poor guy. I am hoping that he feels much better tomorrow. He is getting sick of me and I don't blame him. Aunt Jamie and momom will be taking good care of him while I'm away. I think I need it... especially since I will be home with him all of next week while he recovers. For those of you who think tonsils are no big deal. I think it's different for all kids and it's not a little surgery. It's a tough surgery for your little ones.

Come on Friday. I've been waiting an entire year for 3/27/15.


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