April 19, 2015

Looking back

For the past few days, I've been adding labels to all of my blog posts so that my readers can find things more easily. It's been neat seeing older posts and I've also discovered that some of my posts were missing the photos. I am not sure what happened, so I just deleted them. Now my blog looks more organized! And I've also noticed that my blogging has gotten better over the years... I cannot believe the amount of posts that I just added photos with a sentence or two and called it done. I actually cringed... But I was new to blogging and I had no idea how it was suppose to be done. No wonder I didn't have many readers back then besides mom.

While I was cleaning my blog posts, I came across these photos from a few years ago... you know how you come across a certain photo and get a lump in your throat? Yea... well, that happened. I miss my fur babies... :( and I miss my baby... he has grown too fast!

In the photo below, Edward was feeding the dogs gold fish cracker. They were so good. They did not try and snatch them from him. They waited patiently for him to give them some. I think when I get a new printer, I will scrap this one... I've never scrapped it and I love it... (I threw my piece of shit printer away today). I never did like my HP printer... I loved my Cannon from a few years ago so I'm going back to Cannon! I found one on Amazon really cheap too.

LOVE. To this day, he has the best smile! And he still has Ty...

I really like this shot. He just looks so damn innocent here.

Precious. Paw Paw was Edward's buddy... He was put down when Edward was about one. I miss him so much, I have tears in my eyes right now thinking about him. He was such a great dog, but he was sick and he is in a better place... with Daisy.

Paw Paw was such a good sport... Edward was always pulling on his body parts and treating him like his personal horsey, but he never did bite him. He knew that Edward was a little guy.
Thanks for stopping by today! Maybe, I've inspired you to clean up your blogs and go back in time. :)

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