April 18, 2015

One fine day

Wow. Finally, we get what I call, a BEAUTIFUL day outside. Edward's friend Parker came today to spend the night. I figured, I'd better get them outside as much as possible today or else they'd drive me INSANE. The boys wanted to have a picnic at the park so we packed up around 10:40a.m. and headed out! Edward asked if I could take the top down and since we were only going a mile up the street, I agreed. Some people might frown upon two little ones in a convertible...
Edward totally set up the picnic... He grabbed the blanket, got it set up then came back for the food. He's such a sweetie... REALLY. He's gonna be a romantic,  just know it.

There was a baseball game going on. The boys watched them practice while we had lunch.
After we ate, the boys played at the park on the swings and slide for a bit.

After they were done, they wanted to take a walk on the trail, but I don't like going by myself... I have a fear of getting lost on the trails... It didn't take them long to get creative. They decided to build a ladder to get up on the big pile of cedar. They did this for a little over an hour! Edward was in his own little world. Parker went to the park and came back every now and then.

When we came home, we played outside for a little longer. Edward played with bubbles and Parker played with the Tonka truck. Edward said, "mommy,  love you" and gave me this dandy lion. Shortly after I snapped the photo Parker stepped on it. Sigh... BOYS. I was reminded today why I only have ONE child and I am very happy with just ONE.

Edward asked me to write his name in the street.

Such a cool shot. :@)

The boys are now watching  a movie quietly. I am thinking about having that glass of wine I've been needing all day!

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