June 6, 2015

Beach time

After I got home from work, Edward asked if we could go down to the beach for a little while. And since it was not too hot, I agreed. I normally don't go down there because the heat makes me sick, but it was actually nice out today! I grabbed a towel for Edward and I, his new beach toys, a book and my car keys and off we went. It didn't take Edward too long to bust out his new castle sand toys.

He worked on this castle for two hours. There were little kids around, trying to mess up his castle and he was getting so mad... he is my child... haha You just don't mess with us when we have our minds set on something.
I helped him with the sand castle and he decorated it. He also made the wall around the castle and the court yard.

Edward was here...

When I told him it was time to pick up his toys to go home, this is the look I got. He was very tempted to throw sand at me until I threatened to pull his pants down in front of everyone. He decided to throw it in the water instead.

But then he thought I was joking... until he saw my face... He stopped. Stinker!

As Mark would say, "It's good to be Edward!"

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