September 27, 2015


Hello everyone. I had such a great weekend. My husband and I went out with some friends last night for a little while and this morning at 9am., I left the house to meet my family at mom's so that we could go to Larriland to do some apple picking. Who would have thought that picking apples would be so much fun. I think we all enjoyed ourselves! Edward was so happy that Aunt Katie came home from college for the weekend! SERIOUSLY, Isn't this photo adorable?

Edward climbed the ladder to so that he could reach the apples at the top since the ones on the bottom were already taken by other pickers.

Meet the best girls in my life! I am so lucky to have all of them in my life.

He really did have a great time. :)

And so did I.

We told Edward that he had to carry what he picked... It didn't last because his bag was too heavy.

Just a normal day with these two.

Edward walked off, saw an apple on the tree that was within his reach, snapped it off the branch and decided to eat it, right there. He is such a country boy at heart.

Katie was goofing around. haha

She was setting up this photo scene for her to snap on her phone so I snapped it.

Edward said he was 3 tall. :)

Lots and lots of apple trees! I always thought apple trees were pretty tall, but they are actually pretty small trees.

The family enjoyed some apple fritters. Yum.

And here we are on our way out! We had such a great day.

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