September 7, 2015

No school=time for fun

Today was a good day. I had off and Edward didn't have school so I planned a fun day for us! We both woke up at 10am. I love how Edward likes to sleep in now. It's the best part about having a 5 year old! Seriously, I miss my sleep on the weekends. We got ready and met Miss Kelly Parker at Chuckie Cheese in Annapolis. We were there about two hours and had a great time.

LOL, Love Edward's facial expressions. He cracks me up.

Chuckie came out with a sign for free tickets so the kids followed him around. Edward was mad because he didn't get the bonus ticket.

That's because while the kids were dancing with Chuckie, Edward was doing this...

After he had is 10 minute pissy fit, he was back to normal. He asked for money to get ice cream. These kids had such a great time.

After we left, we stopped by daddy's work since it was around the corner to say hello then went to our favorite place. SWEETFROGS! Yum.

Success! I finally got a decent picture of Edward having ice cream at Sweet Frogs. Well not quite ice cream. He like a lot of candy with a little big of yogurt. :)

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