October 18, 2015

Crazy, Busy, Weekend...

Happy Sunday everybody. I don't know about you, but I had an insanely busy weekend. Yesterday, I worked until 1:30pm. then I took Edward to Delaney's birthday party. Delaney used to go to Baldwin Childcare with Edward. She and Edward misses each other so much because they aren't in kindergarten together. :( Delaney's party was at 1st Gymnastics in Annapolis. Such a fun place. Edward and I both had fun there. I had fun on the trampoline.

After the party was over, we rushed home to meet Ms. Kelly, Mr. Ryan and Parker to head down to Washington D.C. for the Light The Night walk. This was my 5th year participating and Edward's first year going with me to support this important event. Together, Edward and I made a difference! He walked two miles with me, holding my hand, and the banner... He was SOOOO good. He makes me so proud. He must have sensed the emotional atomosphere because he was such a good boy. It's such an emotional event seeing all of the cancer survivors, those remembering their loved ones and those who support this wonderful cause. NASA FCU raised over $30,000.00 for the Light The Night Organization. We came in 5th place. I believe the speaker said last night that together, we raised 32 MILLION dollars to help find a cure for cancer. That is amazing! This year, it was packed down there!


This morning, we woke up, got dressed and went to watch Parker play football for a little bit before we headed to Wesley's Halloween birthday party. :) Edward rocked the Darth Vader costume. :)

And before I go, here's a favorite photo from last week's soccer game.


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