December 25, 2015

2015 Christmas Card

Merry Christmas everyone! This year, I got a late start getting my Christmas cards out, but they are out... Better late than never. Right?! I almost took the easy way out and ordered my cards from Shutterfly, but it would have cost me 70-80 bucks for 50 cards! WTH. That's insane. So I decided to use my Pretty Little Studio products to make a card. Then I scanned them and ordered them from Shutterfly. So I went from having to pay 70-80 bux to 10 bux. Plus I spent another 50 on stamps and envelopes.

Here's my original card. I love how this turned out. This was super quick and easy. Love the frames and tabs from Pretty Little Studio's Merry and Bright Collection. So fun.

And here are my cards printed! Next year, I'll need to remember to make it a little bigger because when Shutterfly printed them, they got cut off a little.

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

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