April 6, 2016

Hanging Out

Hello everyone. Just recently, my grandmother treated Edward and I too the circus for his 6th birthday present. I love benefiting from Edward's gifts. :) I really thought he'd enjoy it. I remember loving the circus as a kid, but Edward didn't enjoy it as much as I did as a kid. The first half, he had no interest and I wonder if it was because of the clowns. He is not a big fan of clowns, but he came around during the second half when they had elephants, bikes and tigers.

I was going to include some circus pictures, but since I wanted to use a big title, I opted to just use one photo of the three of us. I know this is an older collection from Pretty Little Studio, but I have yet to play with this adorable collection so I decided to use some of my goodies I had on hand. Gotta love that monkey flair! There is a good amount of this collection on sale in the Pretty Little Studio shop in case you were interested! Click here.

hangin out_Pretty Little Studio_Nicole Martel_layout
Pretty Little Studio: Silly Monkey Paper/ Silly Lucy Ledger, Silly Tim Teal Dot, Silly Stephanie Star, Stickers/Silly Sally Star, Silly Betty Book Mark Tags, Silly Peter Paper Ribbons, Silly Bri Bunting Flags.

Here are a few close-ups:
Thanks for stopping by today! I hope that I inspired you to use a big title on your next project!

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