October 16, 2016

Light the Night 2016

Yesterday was my 7th year participating in the Light the Night walk. We are getting so close to beating cancer for good people!! It makes me feel good every year when I walk to help cure cancer, remember those who I've lost from this terrible disease and to let other people know that I CARE.

I was so happy that Edward agreed to come with me again this year. This was his second year coming and it makes my heart happy that he is willing to share this special night with me and thousands of others in Washington D.C. The walk was long, but he did it without complaining!

Edward was waiting patiently for Parker.
He wanted the lady to make him a mask out of balloons... he is never easy. LOL. However, he settled for a sword instead.

NASA Federal Credit Union's team raised over $25,000.00! Our goal is $30-35k by the end of October. I think we can do it! We had our own tent real close to the band. So cool.

Whenever I see kid drawings like this, they tug at my heartstrings just a little...

Me and Kelly! We have been doing this thing together for 7 years!

Seriously, he just cannot be normal for a picture... I'll take it though.

Playing around to kill time before the walk. They were actually OK this year...

I totally want to visit this Newseum someday!


Before we finished, Edward saw this water fountain and said he wanted to go over... I wanted to get to the bus so we can go home. It was a long day for me. I worked, then went to the walk. It was already 9:00pm. When he said, "because I want to make a wish." I couldn't say no. So I found a quarter and we walked over to the fountain.

After he made a wish, he said he hopes it comes true and that he couldn't tell me what he wished for because it wouldn't come true. But, if it comes true, he will tell me what he wished for! I LOVE this kid. I am not sure how I got so lucky, but I am not taking him for granted!

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