November 2, 2016


As promised, I am back today with a few Halloween pictures. This year, Pete almost didn't make it trick or treating with the little man. I was sad and I am sure the little man was too, but didn't say anything. Pete's been away for training all week starting Monday morning. Training is over an hour away...  He didn't get out of training until a little after 5 and then drove an hour home just to go trick-or-treating with Edward. The look on Edward's face when he saw Deadpool, I mean, Daddy, was priceless!

Seriously, I could not stop laughing at Pete when he met up with us wearing this costume... he IS only wearing socks and undies... And he was regretting his choice in costume within 30 minutes of walking because it was chilly.

Creepy... Yes, I watched Deadpool and thought it was a weird movie. The part when Deadpool has baby hands really freaked me out.

Edward had a great time. I am so glad he was into it this year. His first few years of trick-or-treating didn't go well. Last year went OK and so did this year. We went with some friends which helped.

I love this.. There are no words. My husband is a GREAT father.

Before we went inside, I had Edward blow out the candle. We left candy outside for the kids. I didn't think we'd get any trick-or-treaters, but we got a good amount... well, there wasn't much candle left in Edward's pick up truck. :)

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