December 16, 2016

Decorating and then some...

All year, Edward has been telling me he wanted to re-decorate his room because he no longer likes Ninja Turtles. I told him up front that I was not painting his room again... He agreed to keep the walls green and this summer, I'll paint the orange doors and frames blue. We are going with a Minecraft/Terraria theme. His room is going to look so good when I'm done! I am just waiting on  a few posters to arrive and I have one more shelf to put together. I love this duvet cover I bough from Ikea! It looks so good with the green walls.

Jessica hasn't been feeling too good. She's hanging in there... And she has been spending more time with Edward. He loves when she just goes in his room to hang out. Precious! I don't know about you, but every night is a BATTLE to get my son to do his homework. I snapped this photo the other night. Edward was doing his homework and Jess was lying there, completely content.

I haven't put up the tree yet... I am scared that the kitties are going to knock it over. I am testing them with the small tree I bought Edward for his room. Disregard the lights on the tree. Edward brought it to my attention that it was missing lights. That boy never misses a thing... he pays attention to the smallest details. I am not sure whether to be proud of that fact or annoyed. LOL

I love that this tree totally looks like Charlie Brown's tree. HAHA. I bought Troll ornaments for the tree and Edward placed some of his transformers on the tree. By the way, the cats are failing miserably. This little tree was knocked down three times in just one day. They are learning... Maybe, by Sunday, I can put the big tree up.

My mom gave Edward this adorable little Village a few years ago. He loves it. Amazingly, it is all in one place. Some of the houses got chipped a little, but overall, they still look great!

Happy Holidays!

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