April 18, 2017

Lens of Joy

Hello everyone. I am currently taking Ali Edward's Lens of Joy class and I am learning how to take photos differently... different angles etc. I am not too good with taking photos of things so that is something I am working on. This year, I am focusing on taking a few different scrapbooking classes to learn more techniques. I am taking Ali's Hybrid class as well. These are great classes!! I am learning so much from my scrapbooking idol. Not sure why it took me so long to take her classes... Well, I know why, money and time... but I am doing it this year. Go me!

Honestly, I can't keep a plant or flower alive to save my life, but I've managed to keep these air plants alive for over three months now! That is AMAZING. LOL

I took this shot with the flash off and love how the colors look in this photo. Hamlet normally does not let me take pictures... I had to do the baby talk thing to get him excited. Whatever it takes to get a good photo. Shortly after, he yanked my new blouse off the closet door... not nice.

I took this shot of me... such a raw photo. I like it because I am not wearing any makeup and it's so natural...

I do not know what these flowers are called, but they are gorgeous! I spotted them in Uncle Pat's garden.

I love this shot... This Sunday, Grace and Edward decided to take a walk in the stream down the hill behind Uncle Pat and Aunt Chaddie's house.

Disregard the messy desk... Jessica feels the need to sit right where I am working... every. single. night. AHHHH
I took this selfie the other day. :)
Today, on my way to pick Edward up from school, I thought my street looked soooo pretty so I grabbed my cell phone and shot this photo.

Thanks for visiting today! If you haven't check out Ali's Lens of Joy class. Check it out. It's such a great class and I am learning more ways to document my daily life. :)

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