August 19, 2017

Beautiful summer day

Last night, on my way home from the grocery store, I texted my friend Katie to see if she wanted to bring her boys down to my beach today and she laughed because she was about to text me. HAHA. We met down the beach a little after 11:00 this morning and we stayed down the beach until 7:30! Pete was nice enough to order pizza, fries, mozzarella sticks and coke from a local shop who delivers down the beach. I tipped him well! :)

It was a little hot, but it was absolutely beautiful outside! Seriously, I love that I live 5 blocks from the Severn. It's nice having a friend with kids! They play and we talk. I miss having a friend that can hang out with me and my kid... and we had so much fun!

The kids played so nicely together... seriously. No fights all day.

They decided to take a break from the water to build a bridge. :)

My cutie...

My friend Katie.

These two... they curled up in the tube together, enjoying the view. Melts my heart.

Priorities... Water, chairs, book, cellphone, Cheese Curls and frozen grapes.

Happy children... happy moms... LOL

It was hard getting the kids out of the water... I made Katie be the bad mom... get them out so we can go home, give these kids a bath and put them to bed so we can have a break. LOL

This guy was hanging around all day... One of the kids from the neighborhood kept catching fish to feed him. :)

Here's me and Katie! This girl Is fun. So glad we became friends!
And here's another fun photo... Me with Keith and Billy. I love my neighbors. LOL

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