October 15, 2017

Soccer Mama

Hello family. I apologize for not posting more pictures of Edward! He is doing so much better playing soccer than last year. He's made a lot of improvements over the past two years. This is his 3rd year playing and of course, he's already telling me he doesn't want to play next year...

It's the same story every year. The problem with Edward is he doesn't like to lose... and he doesn't want to hear, "you can't win them all" because he wants to WIN them ALL. LOL.

Their team lost 3 and won 3 so far this season. Not bad! They have a lot more to learn such as spreading out and playing as a team... passing the ball to each other instead of trying to score a goal. Edward had two assist this season so far and when he complains that they weren't his goals... I tell him that if it hadn't been for him to pass the ball to his teammate, they might not have scored at all! He is starting to get it... and he scored his first goal last week. It was a long shot and I couldn't have been more proud.

Edward is number 7 in case you couldn't tell from the photos and he gets a kick out of this since he's 7... Seven year old humor. I really enjoy watching him have so much fun on the field. He's such an awesome kid. They only have two more weeks. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some more photos but it's starting to get dark out early which makes it hard to get decent photos.

And there you have it... my soccer update! :)

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