November 10, 2017


Hi everyone. I just realized that I never shared my favorite Halloween photos with you! Edward and Pete had so much fun scaring people this year. LOL, Edward decided two weeks before Halloween that he wanted daddy to be It the clown, and he'd be Georgie, the ordinary boy...His words, not mine. He is so funny. I wasn't too thrilled with this idea, considering, most people are afraid of clowns. Grown adults are scared...LOL

And no, he hasn't seen It. He is only 7, however, the little genius knows how to Google everything... so he found the trailer and watched it. CREEPY. I can't even watch the trailer without getting creeped out. See... grown adults are even afraid of clowns, including myself. Here are my favorite photos from Halloween night! I got some good ones.

We went trick or treating with Edward's friends from school, Wyatt and Cooper. They had a blast.

Pete kept jumping out at Billy... scaring the crap out of the boy guy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA All Billy wanted to do was eat his skittles.

Edward and Sydney. Don't' they look like sweet little angels. :)
One of my favorite houses all decorated. The windows are actually eyes... but you can't really tell... and ghost.
The gutter...
Love these little lanterns made from brown paper bags!!
LOVE the orange... very cool house.
If you looked out your window and saw this... you'd be creeped out right? lol
Especially, if this thing ran out at you. HAHA
This picture is so eerie....
Last house... the kids were ready to go home. This was one of our friend's house. Pete wanted to scare them. LOL
Edward got a lot of candy! Toby wanted some...
Edward put notes on his candy then stuck them in the fridge so I wouldn't eat them. :) They are still there.... in the fridge, untouched... 2 weeks later.

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