June 3, 2018

Sorry, I'm not sorry...

Good morning!! This month, The Awesome Ladies Project is sharing layouts on how we RELAX. I must admit, I do not relax enough. I am a busy mom with a job, 8 year old son, husband and two cats. There is ALWAYS something for me to do. But, occasionally, I get the opportunity to meet some friends for Happy Hour in which we spend a few hours catching up on what's going on...and we have a drink or two...or three. :)

My favorite drink when I go out is Tom Collins. I've been drinking these since I was 21 and I just love them. Well, when the bartender makes them right... Not many places know how to make a good Tom Collins. It's very frustrating for me sometimes because I am not a beer drinker...and when I go out, all I want is a good drink!

I snapped this photo a few months ago when I was at the Cheesecake Factory for Happy Hour. And I must say, they know how to make a Tom Collins! Just in case you were wondering. :) I used Pinkfresh Studio's A Case of the Blahs collection to create this layout!

I am a sucker for die cuts... In fact, I cannot get enough of them...so most of my layouts include lots of layers...filled with die cuts and a few stickers here and there.

Sometimes, I like to use foam squares to pop my die cuts off the page a bit. And to add dimension to the die cuts, I'll add a puffy sticker.

Seriously, I love all of the sentiments in this collection... I seriously can relate to the Case of the Blahs collection. :) Lots of layers... This layout was super quick and easy... I just applied die cuts, a photo and a chipboard frame...

Thanks so much for visiting today!

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