Good morning!! By the time you see this post, I will be busy, running around like a crazy person. My sister's baby shower is (today) and I'm sure I am going to need a drink by 5:00 today. While I've been helping my mom with plans and the cake, I completely forgot that I was scheduled to post today. Lucky for me, I'm always creating something...and I've been working on this piece all week, here and there.

I bought this wooden word on Etsy awhile ago thinking I would paint it. I finally got bored one day and splashed some paint on it and I like it! I used X-rated, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Broken Doll. The colors look great against the black. What do you think?

Eventually, I plan on hanging it above my scrapbook shelf. But for now, it will sit here. I do not like putting holes in my walls until I am 100% happy with the placement of things on my walls.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Thanks so much for visiting today!


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