Monday, July 15, 2024


Hello, friends. Nicole here, making a beautiful mess on my desk and I love everything about it because playing with mixed media makes my heart happy. Seriously, art is such a great way to relieve stress.

I'm excited to share my beautiful mess with you today! One thing I love about mixed media is in the beginning of the project, it can look very ugly...but then it's like magic... a little more paint and embellishments....and it's just one beautiful piece.

To begin, I taped the camera stencil onto a 6x6 mixed media board from The Crafter's Workshop. Next, I mixed the Perfect Clear Texture Gel with a little Wisteria ColorSparx to create a purple medium. I used a palette knife to pull the gel through the stencil.

Next, leaving the stencil taped down, I added a little bit of Cerulean Blue ColorSparx to the rest of the Perfect Clear Texture Gel mix. I do not like to waste mediums and you can totally mix long as you're working with lighter colors first.
Next, I added some Shimmering Acrylics-Ballet Slipper and Rainstorm. I used a palette knife to add the Ballet Slipper all over. It looks a little messy and ugly...but I promise you... it will look amazing after it's done. After I applied the Ballet Slipper, I dipped the end of a paintbrush in the Rainstorm Shimmering Acrylics and splattered it all over the stencil.

Now, the fun part! Carefully pulling the tape off the board and removing the stencil. Gosh, I love this part... Isn't this so pretty with all the beautiful colors! The acrylics add just the right amount of shimmer!
I added a little White Aqua Splash to add a little bit of white speckles. After that, I grabbed some chipboard, foam stickers and decorative brads/gems to add to the board after it was completely dry.

LOVE how pretty this turned out. I was worried this would look like my chipboard page, but it doesn't look anything like it...and I just had so much fun making this gem!

I hope you found this inspiring! Don't forget to check out the gorgeous Shimmering Acrylics in the shop and make sure you add the Perfect Clear Texture Gel as well because as you can comes in handy!


Sunday, July 07, 2024


Hello friends, I’m excited to share my newest SNAP album with you using the beautiful Crafty Things collection! I absolutely love the pastel colors in this collection…the colors are beautiful, and this collection is just amazing in every way…I especially love all the little scrapbook tools in the form of embellishments…They are super cute!!

I normally don’t share the spine of the album, but I just had to share this one… I love how pretty the rub-ons look. It was a bit tricky getting the rub-ons to line up…but I managed to get it in there!

The paper clip rub-ons are soooo dang cute. This little cluster of rub-ons, chipboard and ephemera make my heart happy! 

For the first page, I used the chipboard frame as the main focal point. The pictures were printed small, and they worked perfectly with the frame. I added some chipboard, decorative brads, and ephemera to fill in some of the white space to make it cute.

I kept this layout simple because I really like the “SNAP” speech bubble. And that pom-pom banner is the cutest… I added a few decorative brads to the center for fun.

Next, I created a pocket page using some tags, rub-ons and chipboard. The first 4x6 card flips to show a few tiny pictures. As you can see, I LOVE playing and coming up with fun ways to use the products. Initially, I was going to place a photo in all the boxes, but I wanted to keep one of the hearts… 

The cut-apart cards are super cute, and I like making little bookmark inserts from them. It’s also a great way to use up some embellishments you wouldn’t normally use on a page.

I love that Simple Stories includes notebook pages in their SNAP albums… I used rub-ons and decorative brads to decorative the page. I still need to go back in and add my story from CHA…I had so much fun with the Clique Kits girls, and I will cherish those memories.

Finally, my last page and this is my FAVORITE. I just love how this spread came together with the tiny pictures at the bottom… I got to meet my favorite crafty designers/artists. I’m so happy I finally got these photos in an album! The Crafty Things collection was perfect for these photos. I still have a few more pages to complete and you’ll most likely see those pop up in my feed in the upcoming weeks. Thank you so much for visiting us today.


Friday, July 05, 2024


Hello, friends! Welcome back! As promised, I have a super fun project to share with you today! Today, I'm playing with various mixed mediums to create lots of fun cameras...and I want to run to the candy store after looking at this gem. I totally want to eat the decorative brads-they look like candy. LOL

To begin, I taped down the Camera stencil from Simple Stories onto the chipboard using a low tack tape. Next, I mixed a little bit of Wisteria ColorSparx with the Perfect Clear Texture Gel to create a lilac hue. I told you a few weeks ago... purple is starting to wear on me...LOL I used a palette knife to pull the mixed media through the stencil and then used a scraper tool to smooth the mixed media so there are no lumpy spots.

Next, I grabbed the Rainstorm Shimmering Matte Acrylic and mixed a little bit of it with the leftover purple medium. I added a bit of the Rainstorm Shimmering Matte Acrylic throughout the stencil using a palette knife. I used the scraper once again to smooth out the mixed media through the stencil. Then, I smeared some of the blue off the scraper all over, keeping the scraper flat, across the stencil to get some of the blue on there.

Then, I added a little bit of the Ballet Slipper Shimmering Matte Acrylic throughout the stencil. I wanted a little touch of pink... I felt like I needed a lighter color to make the purple and blue pop. And it was just what I had envisioned.

I let this dry for a few hours before embellishing the cameras. After it was completely dry, I glued decorative brads and enamel dots to the lens to make them pop. Don't they look like candy? Tell me I'm not the only one?

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I kind of want to make another one on a 6x6 board for my scrap room.

What do you think? Love it, hate it? I enjoyed the process of mixing mediums together to create this fun piece. It was very therapeutic for me. I hope you found this project inspiring! Thank you so much for visiting today and don't forget to check out all the fabulous mixed media mediums in the shop, here.