May 30, 2009

Be inspired #1

Stacey over at issued a challenge to use an object as inspiration on your layout. This was so much fun! I decided to use a book cover by James Patterson. I read the book over 5 years ago and it's been sitting on my shelf since then. Here's what I did! Enjoy!

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May 13, 2009

Horrible day

Yesterday was a horrible day... So Monday night when I got home, I noticed that Paw-Paw's ear was worst. He has a big blister on his ear. Six months ago, it was small and the vet said not to worry about it... well it's so bad that he's miserable. So Pete called a different vet. Yesterday morning, I decided to take Daisy with me and Paw Paw to the vet because she'd be sick if I left her home without Paw Paw. They are always together... So I walked thema and put them in the car. Started the car and Pete left no gas in the truck! So i'm trying to get to the gas station before I run out of gas... and what happens? I get pulled over by a cop for going 45 on a 35 in a school zone. Sighs. The cop came to the window and explained the situation and I in returned apologized explaining that i'm almost out of gas, I have two crying dogs because they hate the car and I was on the way to the vet to schedule surgery for one of my dogs...

So he gave me a warning! Woohoo. After the vet, brought the dogs home and went to work to a crazy day... It just never ends.

I have to drop Paw Paw off Friday morning on the way to work for his surgery but I'm concerned about Daisy being home by herself so I'm going to ask Winnie, our neighbor if she'd let Daisy stay at her house Friday during the day to play with her dog Mr.T.
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May 3, 2009

Teary eyes here!

I made it! I'm a designer for ScrapStreet's online magazine! And yes i'm literally teary eyed here because i've been apart of the site for 3 yrs. and have come to know all of the wonderful ladies there! It's like a second family! I tried 3 times for the position so for those of you who did not make the call, do not be upset. You'll get there when you are truely ready! And now, I want to share the message that Dora posted with my announcement of joining the staff! Here it goes... this made me cry... and i'm not a cryer but Dora did me in because I realized how far i've come into this wonderful hobby! For those who aren't scrappers, you'll never understand... so here it goes:
Ok, so I HAVE to tell the story.When I first decided we needed a magazine 3 1/2 years ago, I put out a call on several boards that you could pay to post such things on. and then sat to wait terrified that no one would want to submit and I would not get to have a magazine. and the very next day I received several items from one scrapper.She wrote a sweet little note and attached her pages. She had a fun style, but not much understanding of how to scan or photo her layouts. or how to resize them. They were huge and crooked and just not well presented. I sent her a note letting her know that we needed them fixed to be able to evaluate them. The next month was the same thing--crooked pages and sweet notes. By the fourth month I was really rooting for her. And in the 6th month she got it! there it was--a cute, straight page and I raced to ask her for it. She was already my good luck mascot in my mind.She joined the site and was soon loved by everyone as a little sister we would all trade our own in on. It is just impossible to not love her. This is not Nicole's first application for the team, but I am so honored to now announce that the first woman to ever sub to ScrapStreet magazine is now our newest staff member.Welcome Nicole! Thanks for having a spirit that NEVER gives up!

Thanks Dora for this wonderful opportunity! Hugs
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