May 3, 2009

Teary eyes here!

I made it! I'm a designer for ScrapStreet's online magazine! And yes i'm literally teary eyed here because i've been apart of the site for 3 yrs. and have come to know all of the wonderful ladies there! It's like a second family! I tried 3 times for the position so for those of you who did not make the call, do not be upset. You'll get there when you are truely ready! And now, I want to share the message that Dora posted with my announcement of joining the staff! Here it goes... this made me cry... and i'm not a cryer but Dora did me in because I realized how far i've come into this wonderful hobby! For those who aren't scrappers, you'll never understand... so here it goes:

Ok, so I HAVE to tell the story.When I first decided we needed a magazine 3 1/2 years ago, I put out a call on several boards that you could pay to post such things on. and then sat to wait terrified that no one would want to submit and I would not get to have a magazine. and the very next day I received several items from one scrapper.She wrote a sweet little note and attached her pages. She had a fun style, but not much understanding of how to scan or photo her layouts. or how to resize them. They were huge and crooked and just not well presented. I sent her a note letting her know that we needed them fixed to be able to evaluate them. The next month was the same thing--crooked pages and sweet notes. By the fourth month I was really rooting for her. And in the 6th month she got it! there it was--a cute, straight page and I raced to ask her for it. She was already my good luck mascot in my mind.She joined the site and was soon loved by everyone as a little sister we would all trade our own in on. It is just impossible to not love her. This is not Nicole's first application for the team, but I am so honored to now announce that the first woman to ever sub to ScrapStreet magazine is now our newest staff member.Welcome Nicole! Thanks for having a spirit that NEVER gives up!

Thanks Dora for this wonderful opportunity! Hugs
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