October 26, 2009

Hubby's pretty banged up today

So yesterday, Pete had a pool tournament... He left here at about 11 am. and didn't get home til midnight... so imagine how he was when his friends dropped his sorry butt home last night? OMG! He was awful... He was talking and I could not understand what the hell he was talking about... and when I tell him that I don't know what he's talking about... he looks at me like i'm the idiot...

So then he starts playing with the dogs, blowing on them and omg I could smell the liquore. It was fowl too. So I deal with his drunk ass for about an hour... Let him have his fun with the dogs and finally I was like enough... So when he stands up, his pants fall down LMAO and he's completely naked from the waist down... I tell him to pull his pants up and he is so drunk that he almost fell on his face while he was reaching down to pull his pants up. LOL.

So finally I look at Daisy who's trying to fall alseep on the couch but Pete keeps messing with her... and so usually, she stays downstairs with Pete until he's ready for bed but not last night. LOL. She had enough... when I got up to go to bed, she was right behind me. I crawled in bed, she crawled under the blankets in the crank of my legs and we both went to sleep.

Hubby woke up today and all he said was, "I'm never drinking again." Well... thats what he gets for not being a responsible drinker... and I'm sure he'll be drinking again by the weekend.

What happened to my cart?

So I decided to get off my butt today and go to the grocery store... It went well until I decided to leave the cart for a minute to check out the ice cream isle :) And when I went back to get my cart it was gone. I stood there thinking, "What the hell happened to my cart?" It was just here... for a minute. So I start looking around... maybe someone moved it to the side... but then I spot a woman in the line with my cart... I saw the yogurt in the front... and started walking towards her. She was starring off in space as I approached her, I said politely... (even when I was irritated) ma'am, you've got my cart... I'm not sure where yours is but I need you to take your cookies and give me my cart back so I can get out of here." LOL... And I did feel bad for her because she was totally oblivious! She kept apologizing and I kept saying it's okay...

October 10, 2009

Another wierd dream

So I had another wierd dream... but this one didn't involve the baby coming out a girl instead of a boy or of my mom trying to take my newborn baby from me. This one was more upsetting to me...

So somehow, I ended up with about 30 Basenji puppies and my husband told me that I had to get rid of them because we couldn't keep them. The problem was, I couldn't find a home for them. So I take all 30 pups to the coast and at the end of the coast, I put them each in little brown floatable crates but I also punched holes in the crates... So they could breath.

My logic in my dream? Well since I couldn't find a home for them, I put them in the floatable crates and was thinking that they all would float across the coast and someone on the other side of the ocean would discover them and provide them with a home!

When I told Pete about the dream, he called me a puppy killer... but in the dream, the everytime I went to grab a pup and put them in a crate I cried harder because it broke my heart and I didn't want to let them go... but I had no choice.

Now thinking about it, the waves would have sunk the crates... what a bad idea but I can't tell you how happy I was to wake up and discover that it was just a nightmare!!!

I'm tired of dreaming bad stuff. I need to have more happy dreams.
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