December 10, 2009

I knew he had it in him...

Okay ladies and gents, I never thought I'd come home to a clean familyroom but I did the other night! My hubby is nesting big time... me? Not so much... I just work 10 hrs a day, go to class, do the laundry, eat and sleep, and oh yea, I shower too. That's pretty much it... I'll straighten the house, but honestly, I'm tired... In two weeks, I will be 7 months preggers and I'm just not able to do the things that I am used to... Carrying extra weight is hard. LOL. So back to the hubby... he cleaned the hell out of the familyroom and it so needed a good cleaning. We've been in our home for about 5 years and the familyroom has never been cleaned the way he did it. He was quite proud of himself as I tried to pick my mouth off the floor. He scrubbed the white tile floor that was filthy from the dogs, he wiped down the walls, he dusted, vacumed and pulled the furnisher out from the walls... He did the picture frames, he got rid of that ugly wholey couch that I though would never go and so much more. The upstairs furnisher has been moved to the familyroom in the basement so that we can get new furnisher upstairs and make it into Edward's playroom. I had to laugh last night. Pete and I were watching Daisy pick up her food and drop it on the floor and munch on the bits and pieces, meanwhile, Pete is biting his lip trying not to scream as Daisy walks away with a few crumbs left on the floor. I made sure to get it before Pete had a heart attack... Now he knows that cleaning is a bitch and he wonders why I don't feel like doing it all the time... And now that I know he's capable of cleaning... well, he has no excuses now why he can't help me with the house... We've been together 10 years and he has never cleaned the way he has this month... And don't get me wrong, I appreciate it!

December 8, 2009

It's cold!

"It's Cold!" Do you know how many times a day I hear this from my husband? It's driving me crazy... Yesterday when I got home from work, the house felt like an oven and I asked Pete if he had the heat on... he says "yes for a little..." He knows that my pregnant body cannot handle the heat! I'm a hot box! So last night about 9:30pm. I was in bed with the dogs reading "Breaking Dawn" when I hear Pete coming up the hall... "Man It's Cold!" "Look at my nose Nicole! It's red!" Me: "I see that... put some more clothes on... It will be okay." LOL... I'm evil but he was so funny... His poor nose was red and he was even wearing two sweaters, a hat, sweat pants, socks and slippers. :) So as he turns away, I hear the heater click. Sighs... I didn't argue... I just let him turn the heat on so that I did not hear "It's Cold!" again...

December 6, 2009

This is why I love being a writer and designer for

Last week, I sent an email to someone asking if I could use a layout for one of my calls... And she emailed me back... And it was such a nice email that I had to share!

Hi Nicole!

Gosh thanks so much! Obviously this is fine with me ;) It was actually done
for as a manufacturer sponsored product spotlight over at A Million
Memories, so I'm taking it down everywhere, but have asked of Michelle the
question if it's ok as I've not been there long & am unsure of the protocol.

I'll let you know if there's any drama's, but otherwise, yay!!

On a personal note, I'd love to send a huge thanks to everyone at
ScrapSteet - I'm getting a little bored with the mags we have here is Aus,
and am loving the variety of scrappers & topics you cover in the mag every
month - not to mention I'm just a little bit of a fan of your work ;)

Thanks again...


Wait, I thought we were just doing lunch?

So yesterday, I met my mom and best friend Mischelle at "The Grille" for lunch at 12:00. After we ate, mom insisted that Mischelle take me to finish my baby registry at BabysRus and start one at Target as well. Mischelle knows me too well... I am not a huge fan on shopping! I have no interest... Normally, I go to the mall, get what I need specifically and get out. So we went to finish the registry. It took about 4 hours, we were done by 5ish. I have to say, it wasn't as bad as I thought! We actually had a great time... the baby stuff is just too cute! I can't wait! I did make the mistake of trying out several rockers... it was hard for me to get up and motivated to shop again. LOL. I was so comfortable! Mischelle just looked at me smiling. (She will be the baby's God Mother). I love her like a sister and she has always been there for me, for the past 11 years! We went to college together years ago. Lots of fun memories :)

Well I've got a really busy day ahead of me! So better get going... oh wait... The hubby is still nesting.... He scrubbed the family room floor, windows etc yesterday! He also got rid of tons of furnisher and moved the upstairs furnisher downstairs! Our goal is to redo the upstairs and get new furnisher for when the baby comes. I'm so excited that everything is coming along. Now Pete just needs to do the bathrooms and rip up the carpet since we have wood floors, and I'll get throw rugs for upstairs.

And after the baby comes, I'm going to paint the kitchen, diningroom and livingroom...

December 2, 2009

My wonderful husband

Today has been a great day! I woke up this morning at a 8 am. to walk the furbabies, then came back home and crawled back in bed since I am off today to sleep in a bit. My husband woke me about 9:30am. He brough me bacon and eggs and a glass of orange juice to bed and locked the dogs out so I could eat in peace. They were all on the bed, even the cat begging until Pete got a hold of them :) I've been working on a mini today as a Christmas gift. The Christmas cards are almost done. And tonight is the last night for one of my classes. After tonight, I only have 5 more courses to complete for my Bachelors Degree in Business Management. I'm so excited! I'm beginning to see the light at the tunnel.

I'm almost done reading the Twilight series for the 3rd time... Hey, I buy so many books, it's getting expensive so I decided to read them again to save money this month... :) Don't act like you haven't read the series more then once. I know you did!

Well, Off to scrap a bit more and then I'm gonna read a bit, take a shower and head out for my 6 pm. class.

Have a wonderful day!
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