December 13, 2010

Edward knows his Poppy...

My Poppy passed away six years ago and lately I've felt his presence in my home. Last week, I've had my lights flicker in my scraproom when I was looking at a certain picture and I've had something fall on my shelf. I knew it was Poppy letting me know that he was here... There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about him.

Anyways, tonight, Edward did not want to go to bed. He put up a big fuss so I decided to let him look through my old scrapbook. I flipped to a page that had Poppy on there and Edward looks right at it like he knew who it was and started touching his face in the photo and then he bent down and kissed the page! So I looked at Edward and said, "you know who your Poppy is don't you? He comes to see you doesn't he?"

Mom has mentioned that sometimes when he's at her house, he'll suddenly look up like someones there and start smiling. He has also done this once that I am aware of. He looks up and reaches his arms up like he wants to be picked up.

I know some people don't believe in life after death but I do... and I just needed to share this.
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