February 18, 2011

It started out rough

So this week started a little rocky for the little man. On Tuesday morning while Pete was grabbing a juice for Edward, Edward saw his toy airplane on the step and went for it... Pete said it was horrible and he was surprised that he didn't have a heart attack. I almost had one listening to what happened... He said that he looked over and all he saw was Edward's butt in the air. He did a complete flip down the steps and amazingly, he didn't hit his head. His instincts kicked in and he held his arms out trying to brace the fall... then he managed to turn on his side and roll down the steps. Pete said that he had a little bump on his head and a little blood on his nose. OMG!! I'm so glad it didn't happen when I was home. Poor baby cried for 20 mins. Pete said that if he was older, he would have taken him to buy anything he wanted. He felt horrible. Now he'll back off of me. He always makes comments saying that Edward always hurts himself when I'm around... Now he knows it only takes a second! I give myself points for not yelling at him... it was an accident... and I never told him about the time when Edward was only 4 months old lying on the couch next to me, I was watching TV and he rolled right off the couch and hit the floor! I felt horrible!! So I know accidents happen and thank God he's ok... I don't even want to think about what could have happened.

Pete took Edward to McDonalds yesterday and bought him his very first Happy Meal! He got a little car too. Pete said he ate the hell out of his french fries :) Yum! He did make sure he broke the ends since they were a little hard. He didn't want the little man to choke...

For the past few nights, Edward has been acting so hyper and excited... everynight this week he has laughed his silly head off playing in his crib! He's one happy boy this week because it's getting nicer outside and daddy has let him out in yard to play a lot this week. He will grab his sweater and booties and walk them to the door! LOL.

So on a happier note, we went to visit Grandma Vicki on Wednesday! She looked beautiful as usual. We were there for about an hour. Edward had fun walking around putting fruit loops in her flower pots and vases :) LOL. It was okay because he was entertaining himself! I was really touched Wednesday when Vicki mentioned that Edward's birthday is Monday and she wanted to do something for him for when he gets older. She has decided that she wants to start a college fund for him. I know right... Seriously, I wanted to cry... I waited until I got in the car. Like me, she wants him to be successful and we want him to do whatever he wants when he gets older... I didn't know what to say to her. She has already spoken to Uncle Pat about what needs to be done.

So my little man is gonna be 1 Monday!! *cry*cry* he's growing up too fast! Well I'm gonna go scrap a bit now that my baby boy is soundly asleep. Here are some photos from this week!

February 10, 2011

How do I do it?

So I'm pretty sure, my scrappy friends are wondering how is it that I'm having a FANTASTIC year with publications with Scrapbook Trends and CK? Let's not forget that until the Spring of 2010, I have never been published in a paper magazine ever. And I submitted for several years! It took me 5 years of submitting to CK and ST to get a layout published! This July/August will be my first time ever published in CK! And I can't tell you how excited I was to receive that email!

So your probably wondering, "what is she doing that I need to know?" I really am not doing anything special besides scrapping the way "I" like. I do not get caught up in using supplies because everyone is talking about it. I use what I like and I try not to let other scrappers discourage me.

If you like a style/design, lift yourself, and lift yourself again! I do it all the time and there's no shame there if it's your own work. Last year, I had my first layout ever to be published at Scrapbook Trends. Would you like to know that I lifted that same exact layout (using different papers and embellishments of course) and submitted the layout to ST and it got picked up!

Why am I telling you this? Because I think the reason why I'm having such a FABULOUS year is because I scrap for "ME" and it shows. I do whatever I want on my pages. I use whatever I want on my pages, and I write whatever I want on my pages and it works!

So if you are one of the thousands of scrappers who has not been published yet and are feeling discouraged, don't let it bring you down. Continue doing what you are doing and you will succeed one day!

I know this for a fact because I never stopped submitting after hundreds of submissions and hundreds of letdowns.

I hope I was able to lift your spirits a bit. I am in no way bragging. Everyday I see scrappers like you wonder what they are doing wrong and I am simply here to let you know that it takes time to be noticed but once your noticed, you will have lots of success in getting published.

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