September 28, 2015

Finding my way

Hi everyone. Today, I thought I'd share a "me" layout for a change. I haven't scrapped a layout about me in awhile and I really want to get back to scrapping more about me. I played with the "Marigold" collection and some gesso for this layout. Isn't it beautiful? I literally sighed when this one was finished because I honestly cannot believe that I created this beautiful layout. It's rare that I create a layout that I absolutely love, but this is one of them... I hope you would agree.

just me_Pretty Little Studio_Ali Edwards Story Kit_Faber Castell_layout


DSC_0051 (2)
Products: Pretty Little Studio Marigold: Paper/Globe Thistle, Vellum/ Yarrow, Word Flags/Wisteria, Cut-Outs/Sweet Pea Note Tags, Phrase Strips/Morning Glory, Long Labels/Latana, Die-Cuts/Butterfly Bush, Orange Poppy, Flair/The Perfect Marigold, Journaling Cards/Hollyhock, Sweet Peas, Tabs/Catmint.
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September 27, 2015


Hello everyone. I had such a great weekend. My husband and I went out with some friends last night for a little while and this morning at 9am., I left the house to meet my family at mom's so that we could go to Larriland to do some apple picking. Who would have thought that picking apples would be so much fun. I think we all enjoyed ourselves! Edward was so happy that Aunt Katie came home from college for the weekend! SERIOUSLY, Isn't this photo adorable?

Edward climbed the ladder to so that he could reach the apples at the top since the ones on the bottom were already taken by other pickers.

Meet the best girls in my life! I am so lucky to have all of them in my life.

He really did have a great time. :)

And so did I.

We told Edward that he had to carry what he picked... It didn't last because his bag was too heavy.

Just a normal day with these two.

Edward walked off, saw an apple on the tree that was within his reach, snapped it off the branch and decided to eat it, right there. He is such a country boy at heart.

Katie was goofing around. haha

She was setting up this photo scene for her to snap on her phone so I snapped it.

Edward said he was 3 tall. :)

Lots and lots of apple trees! I always thought apple trees were pretty tall, but they are actually pretty small trees.

The family enjoyed some apple fritters. Yum.

And here we are on our way out! We had such a great day.

September 25, 2015

Playing with diecuts

Hi everyone. Today, we are sharing projects over at the Pretty Little Studio blog using the "You and Me" collection and the die cuts that comes with it. I love the pretty butterfly dies in this collection and I plan on ordering a few more. They are just the right size and I think that they look great on this layout! The little sentiments on the diecut hearts was just the right touch for pulling this layout together. I decided to mix it up today and scrap a layout of my sister. I tend to scrap about my son, but I am looking to change that. I want my layouts to be more blended with layouts/projects of me, my family and son.

adore you_nicole martel_Pretty Little Studio_layout


Supplies: Pretty Little Studio: "You & Me" Patterned Paper: Adorable, Love is Kind, Flair/My Deer Buttons, Diecut Butterfly, Diecuts Conversations Hearts, Garland/Like You/Paper Ribbon, Cut-Outs/Adore You Phrase Strips, Cut-Outs/Love Story Word Flags, Stickers/Valentine Words.
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September 23, 2015


Hi everyone. It's been 7 months since we brought Hamlet home. He was only 2 months old and not even a pound. He was so tiny! Just a few days before Pete went to pick Hamlet up from the Breeder, I changed my mind and told him not to get the pig. He didn't listen. The only reason why I changed my mind was because I knew I'd be the only one cleaning after the pig. Well, 7 months later, that is true. I am the one who cleans up after him, feeds him and cleans his eyes as needed. Anything he needs, I do it. And I honestly don't mind it much because he is MUCH easier than having a puppy. I had him trained to use the puppy pads and to go outside in less than 3 weeks. EASY! Pigs are very smart. You really only need to show them something once and they get it.

Hamlet thinks I am his mommy. He will not let anyone pick him up except for me. Pete is actually scared to try because Hamlet will growl. LOL. He grumbles at me too, but he knows not to nip the hands that feeds him. At night, he sleeps right up against my back and yells at Pete when he comes to bed. hehe.

For those of you wondering the cons of having a pig. There's only a few. Really. If you get a male pig, be sure to have him neutered. Trust me, you do NOT want an unneutered pig. When their rocket comes out, it's disgusting and that's all I will say. We got Hamlet neutered at 3 months. Also, they like attention so if you don't have time to snuggle and play with a pig, you shouldn't get one. They like to play, cuddle and spend time together just like any other pet. Also, you have to be persistent or he or she will walk all over you! They know how to play you. :) Just saying, Hamlet might they he has me wrapped around his finger, but I think I have him wrapped. :)



Some fun facts about having Hamlet:

1. He loves to snuggle while I'm watching White Collar on Netflix.
2. Every night, he sleeps right up against me with his face near my neck.
3. He lets Pete sleep as late as he wants, but on the weekends, he is nudging me out of the bed by 9am. The boy wants to be fed.
4. He loves Cheese, grapes, apples, oats, and juice.
5. He is constantly getting into Edward's Legos. He won't touch anything else, but he treats Legos like chewing gum. Enough said.
6. He LOVES paper. I think he loves the ripping sound, I am not sure, but I have to watch him when he's in my scrap-room because he goes looking through my shelves for paper. :)
7. He loves being outside because it's his change to eat grass and search the ground for acorns or strawberries for him to eat since he's only fed 1 cup of food per day. He makes up for it being outside.
8. Every morning Edward watches me leave for work and he greets me at the door wagging his tail.
9. He makes a funny "kissy" face when he wants some treats. It's hilarious.
10. He oinks a lot. And whenever he hears someone going into the fridge, he runs for the kitchen.
11. Around 9pm at night, he's ready for bed and he will not stop grunting and nudging me until I get in the bed so he can snuggle up against me for the night.
12. He gives me kisses out of the blue, usually when we are snuggling.

I must admit, I enjoy having Hamlet. He's very smart, loving and he's great company. Yes, he's getting bigger and bigger than when we first got him, but not much bigger than a dog... And if he gets to be 125 pounds, I will still love him because he has a personality and deserves to be loved too.

And here he is today! He's about 35 pounds.

September 20, 2015

Treasured memories

Good morning friends! Today, I have a cute little mini album filled with treasured memories from my beach vacation. The Treasure Island collection had all the perfect accents to create this fun little mini. I just love the blues and greens in this collection. I especially love the flair. I also snuck in a little piece of "Gold Mine" on one of the pages. I love the confetti in copper!









Products: Pretty Little Studio Treasure Island: 6X4 Paper Pack, Tiny ABC/White, Vellum/Pirate's Journal/Blue, Bunting Flags/Lighthouse, Word Flags/Splish Splash, Paper Ribbons/Under The Sea, Mini Word/Pirate Vacation, Tabs/Treasure Map, Navigator Note Flags, Flair/Arrow Adventure, Happy Journey, Die-cuts/Arrow Adventure, Stickers/Adventure Watercolor, Gold Mine: Copper/Confetti/Metallic.
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September 18, 2015

Scrapbooking & Cards Today Fall Issue

Hello everyone. Happy Friday. It's my 37th birthday! And I was really excited when I came home to a box at my doorstep with a layout that got picked up for Scrapbooking & Cards Today's Fall issue. It was the very first layout that I created for Clique Kits. Little did I know that I'd end up being the design team leader for Clique Kits. I am feeling so very lucky lately. Things are going great...


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